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Area of a trapezoid


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Area of trapezoid

Definition of a Trapezoid

A trapezoid is a flat closed shape having four straight sides which cover some area and also has a perimeter. In some other parts of the world, trapezoids are called Trapezium. A trapezoid has two parallel sides, bases, and legs. The sides which are parallel to each other are called the bases of the trapezoid. The parallel side can be horizontal or vertical. The non-parallel sides are called legs. The perpendicular distance between the parallel sides is known as the altitude.

Types of Trapezoids

Trapezoids can be divided into three types

Right Trapezoids

Trapezoids are called right trapezoids when they have a pair of right angles.

Right Trapezoids

Isosceles Trapezoids

Trapezoids are called Isosceles Trapezoids when they have equal length of non parallel side or equal length of legs.

Isosceles Trapezoids

Scalene Trapezoids

Trapezoids are called Scalene Trapezoids when they neither have equal length or neither have equal angles.

Scalene Trapezoids

Area of Trapezoids:

To calculate the area of trapezoids first we have to take the average of two bases or the parallel side and multiply with the altitude.The perpendicular distance between the parallel sides is known as the altitude.


Here, AB , CD are the two parallel side and h is the  perpendicular distance between the parallel sides 

Area of Trapezoids formula:


where, a ,b =length of parallel side and h = height

Perimeter of Trapezoid:

To calculate the Perimeter of Trapezoid we have to take the sum of its all four sides.

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