Area and Perimeter

Area of trapezoid Calculator | Formula

Area of a trapezoid Area x Base 1: ftinmetermileydkmcmmmμmnm Base 2: ftinmetermileydkmcmmmμmnm Height: ftinmetermileydkmcmmmμmnm Definition of a Trapezoid A trapezoid is a flat closed shape having four straight sides which cover some area and also has a perimeter. In some other parts of the world, trapezoids are called Trapezium. A trapezoid has two parallel sides, …

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Surface area of a cone calculator

Surface area of a cone Volume x Slant Height x Surface Area x Base Area x Lateral Surface Area x Radius: ftinmetermileydkmcmmmμmnm Height: ftinmetermileydkmcmmmμmnm

Area of a Rectangle Calculator

Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle Calculator LENGTH BREADTH Area Perimeter What is Rectangle? The rectangle is a 2D geometry shape, having 4 sides and 4 corners. The rectangle is also called a parallelogram with four right angles. Sides are called the length and width. The rectangle has an area and perimeter.

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