What Was the First Calculator?

Many students ask this age-old question, “What was the first calculator?” It’s a good one to ask, because knowing what the first calculator was can help us with our school work today. We can learn about all the wonderful new features that have been added over the years. And at the same time, we can […]

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Does Google Have a Calculator?

With all the buzz over Google’s new “Google Now” mobile software, it’s often difficult to find information on whether or not this new feature actually works. Many people are asking the same question: Does Google have a scientific calculator built into its mobile software? While the company has not confirmed any of the claims, we’ve

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What Are Scientific Calculators?

What are scientific calculators? These are mechanical calculating machines, used for science, mathematics, as well as technology, which are largely relied on today for calculations. It was once the job of a librarian or an arithmetic teacher to use a mechanical calculator in their class, but now anyone with an interest in the subject can

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