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Cube of a Number Calculator

Cube of

Cube of a Number Calculator

Definition of Cube of a Number

The cube of a number is the product of the number three times itself. If a is a non-zero number then a x a x a = a3 is called cube of a.

What is Perfect Cube?

 Natural number n is said to be a perfect cube if there is an integer such that n = a x a x a

Example: 125= 5*5*5

Here 12 is a Natural number and thus 125 is called the perfect cube of 5.

How to find cube of Number

To find cube of a number you just have to multiply the number with itself twice.

Example : Find the cube of 5 ,

Then we have to multiply 5 with itself twice like

Result = 5*5*5

In this way we can find Cube of a number

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