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Bitwise xor calculator

What is Bitwise XOR?

A bitwise XOR is a binary boolean operation that takes 2 bits as patterns of equal length and calculates the logical exclusive OR bitwise operation of each pair of corresponding bits. The result will be 1 if and only if one of the bit patterns is 1 otherwise it will be 0 (zero). If the two corresponding bits pattern is 0 it will return 0 in bitwise xor calculation. And also if the two corresponding bits pattern is 1 then also it will return 0.

Are you looking for a bitwise XOR calculator online? Look no further! A bitwise XOR calculator is a great tool to quickly calculate the result of a bitwise XOR operation on two binary numbers or numbers in any other base. It is the perfect tool for coders and engineers looking for quick and easy computations.

A bitwise XOR operation is commonly used in computer programming and even hardware logic circuits. In a bitwise XOR operation, the output of two binary numbers is determined by comparing each bit and outputting a result depending on the combination of bits in the two binary numbers. If a bit is the same in both numbers, the output is 0. However, if the bit is different, the output is set to 1.

An online bitwise XOR calculator provides an easy way to calculate the result of a bitwise XOR with any number of bits. All you have to do is enter the two numbers to be operated on, select the base they are expressed in, and click the ‘Calculate’ button. This is a great way to quickly get the results of a bitwise operation without having to perform the computations yourself. It saves time and can be easily used by everyone from coders to non-technical individuals.

So if you need to quickly calculate the result of a bitwise XOR, look no further than a bitwise XOR calculator online. It provides a great way to quickly and accurately calculate bitwise XOR with any number of bits. Don’t waste your time with tedious manual computations – get the result fast with an online bitwise XOR calculator!

How to calculate bitwise xor?

First, we have to convert the Decimal number to binary number like If we take 2 and 3 two decimal number then we have to convert it into binary form like 2=10; 3=11

At the bit level, there are four possibilities tables for XOR calculation,
0 ⊕ 0 = 0
0 ⊕ 1 = 1
1 ⊕ 0 = 1
1 ⊕ 1 = 0

Some examples of bitwise XOR calculation

Decimal valuesXOR Value(Decimal)
Bitwise XOR calculator Sample Table

How to use this Bitwise XOR calculator online

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