The Latest Nepal extends lockdown until end of May

Kathmandu, Nepal — Authorities have extended the capital Kathmandu and surrounding districts for the next 15 days. The Himalayan country recorded more new cases and daily deaths from the corona virus on Tuesday.

The final lockout is scheduled to end on Wednesday, but has now been extended to May 27.

The Heath Ministry said on Tuesday that 9,483 new cases had been reported and 225 people died due to the government.

Grocery stores will be allowed to open an hour earlier in the morning to disperse shoppers and reduce congestion.

So far, 413,111 confirmed cases have been reported in Nepal, in which 4,084 people have died.

A jumbo pop-up hospital treating COVID-19 patients in Mumbai has more than 2,000 beds, most of which are congested.

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  • COVID-19 Argentine physicians embrace younger patients in hospitals and learn more intensive treatment techniques
  • Mexico says that Russia has production problems with the Sputnik V vaccine; Russia has denied the allegations.
  • Volunteers from Hindu temples, Muslim groups and Sikh aid groups rallied to support India during the virus attack in the United States.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan authorities have banned inter-provincial travel and canceled all activities and meetings by the end of May.

Police spokesman Ajit Rohana said the sanctions would take effect from midnight on Tuesday and the army and police are now erecting special barriers on the provincial borders to prevent entry into other provinces. . In addition, leisure and leisure trips are prohibited.

In addition, the government has limited the number of people who can enter and live in businesses, including supermarkets and shopping malls.

Sri Lanka is struggling with a very contagious diversity due to recent sanctions that have been increasing in number of positive events in the last two weeks.

Health officials have warned that the number of confirmed cases may increase further in the next two weeks, as observed by the public to mark the traditional New Year, and shopping as of last month.

The latest health statistics show that the total number of positive cases has reached 125,906 with 801 deaths in Sri Lanka.


WASHINGTON – Colleges and universities across the country began tapping into a $ 36 billion relief fund approved by Congress in March, the Biden administration announced Tuesday.

The US has started funding over 5,000 government and private colleges. The Department of Education said. The $ 1.9 trillion aid package includes $ 123 billion for K-12 schools.

Higher education aid is allocated to public and private institutions that use the formula factor of registered low-income students. Colleges should spend at least half of their money directly on student housing. The other half can be used for expenses associated with various infections.

Contrary to Trump’s policy, the Biden administration said student students could be offered illegally in international students and in the United States.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said the fund ensures that hard-working students “have the opportunity to continue their education, graduate, and continue their careers.”

Broadly, the guideline stated that colleges should use these funds to support vulnerable students, reduce the spread of corona virus, and retain infected students.


Mexico officials said MEXICO CITY – Russia is having a hard time preparing a second dose of the Sputnik V corona virus vaccine, which probably won’t be enough for people receiving the first dose.

This is the latest account of Sputnik V’s production problems, which the Russian government has promised other countries, but failed to adequately provide.

Sputnik is very uncommon in corona virus vaccines, the two doses are different and do not interchange with each other.

The Russians found that according to Mexico’s Assistant Health Secretary Hugo Lopez-Cadell, the first adenovirus grew faster than the second.

Lopez-Cadell said that Russian scientists are now proposing to give up the idea of ​​giving two different shots of Spotnik V in just a few weeks, instead of giving another shot six months later. .

“For several months, the first dose he took did not match the dose of the second dose,” Lopez-Caddon said.

The sovereign sovereign of Russia, which bank-controlled Sputnik V, has denied reports in Mexico.

“The production of both components of Spotnik V has increased internationally in Russia and abroad to meet the growing demand for the vaccine,” the statement said.


Berlin-German investors are optimistic about the country’s economy as recent new Corona virus infections have seen a decline, a poll conducted on Tuesday showed.

The Mannheim-based company ZheW, said Germany’s economic expectations for the next six months were 84.4 points, up 13.7 points in May from the previous month, the highest price since the start of the Goit-19 epidemic.

The last indicator was higher in February 2000.

The increase comes after an unexpected drop in April, when new daily cases of corona virus infection were high.

Germany’s Center for Disease Control Robert Koch reported 6,125 new confirmed cases on Tuesday, up from 17,855 on the same day a month earlier.


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