Put health before profits by making vaccine more available, pope says

Gay and transgender people are protected from health discrimination, the Biden administration announced on Monday, effectively replacing the Trump-era regime that began last year.

The Declaration of the Department of Health and Human Services deals with a very important part of the Affordable Care Act – a provision in section 1557 that provides health care providers and insurance companies with “race, color, national origin, * **, age or disability” Is. In some health plans and activities. “

With immediate effect, the company said it would explain the provision to cover discrimination in health care with someone based on their *** orientation or gender identity.

HHS Secretary Xavier Beckera said in a statement, “People may abandon care for fear of discrimination, which could have serious negative health consequences.” “It is the position of the Department of Health and Human Services that health care should be available to everyone, including the LGBTQ population – from time to time without any discrimination or interference.”

Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States of America in Postlock v. HHS ruled in favor and drafted the changes as an update to the agency’s interpretation of existing legislation to merge with Clayton County. The decision found that the LGBTQ population was protected by the Civil Code of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of ***.

“Basically a person cannot be identified as gay or transgender without discriminating against that person,” the judge said, writing on the conclusion by Neil Korsch.

The ruling comes days after the Trump administration ended its policy of removing non-discriminatory protections on LGBT people’s health last June.

“The Supreme Court has clarified that people have the right to be recognized on the basis of *** and receive equal treatment under the law, regardless of their gender identity or **** orientation. Becker said, HHS discriminatory Is taking action on the statements.

According to health legal experts, the Biden administration can place an appropriate policy on the issue. In general, federal agencies go through a lengthy process of delivering new policies and regulations. It’s been almost a year since the end of the Trump administration, which came into force in August, and the books are still in technology.

This rule is the reverse of an administrative step in the Obama era. The Trump administration has worked to define anti-discrimination protections across the government to exclude LGBTQ populations.

When this rule expired last year, LGBT people and advocates were critical of the change, which would require health care for homosexuals and transgender people.

“Our department’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of all Americans, regardless of gender identity or **** orientation. All people should have access to health services to repair damaged ****, protect their heart health and screen for cancer risk, ”Dr. Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine was the first outspoken transgender to serve in a confirmed Senate position in March.

The HHS declaration comes from conservative state legislatures that pass various bills targeting transgender people. In Arkansas last month, lawmakers violated the government’s veto. Asa Hutchinson to implement new legislation banning the provision of gender-neutral medical care to transgender youth.

“As health care for transgender youth is under attack by state lawmakers, the move is very important to protect LGBT people from health discrimination. The Biden administration has confirmed what the courts have been saying for decades.” Discrimination against LGBT people is against the law. It also confirms what transgender people have long said: “Gender-based care is life-saving care,” said Chase Strongio, deputy director of transgender justice at the ACLU.

The first reason, he said, is “the virus of individualism, which does not make us independent or equal or like brothers and sisters, but rather makes us aware of the suffering of others.”

He said that “closed nationalism” was not only a concern for one’s citizens, but also a “metamorphosis” of the virus of individualism that did not concern others. . People “have market or intellectual property laws” beyond the laws of love and health of mankind.

Pope’s comments in the video echoed his commentary on Christmas, questioning the wisdom and ethics of strictly enforcing patent protection when several people died physically and financially from the corona virus. At the time, he said, “Everyone – leaders of government, business and international organizations – must develop cooperation, not competition, but a solution for all: vaccines to all, especially the most vulnerable and all parts of the planet Is required. “

While patents allow companies that have invested in the development of vaccines to reward their work, many have argued that the government’s large-scale research funding and development is a common trait of vaccines. Must go and be.

Pope Francis told the Vox Live audience, “God the Creator gives up our identity and cultivates in our hearts a new and benevolent attitude to promote the good: a sense of justice that allows us to ensure the common good Mobilized. Suspension of access to vaccines and intellectual property; a sense of unity allows the creation of a separate, more inclusive, fair and sustainable economic model. “

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