Nokia 225 4G Review

In the early 21st century, this call with a straight bar phone feels at home. The Nokia 225 4G ($ 49.99) is the smallest, most reliable voice phone you can get. It has a classic design and comes from a trusted brand. If you need a cheap voice phone, this is a great option, but the Nokia 6300 has 4G dual sim, better coverage and 20 awesome apps.
Old School Style, Old School Features

225 is part of the newly opened voicemail phone on the US 4G network. All US carriers will discontinue older 2G and 3G networks in the next few years, so owners of older phones will have to upgrade their devices. Open 4G voice phones have been hard to find for a few years, but they are now flooded, available for $ 49, from the Nokia 225 to 9349, the Euro-Chick Paint MP02. First of all, you are at home with this model.

The 225 is a simple plastic bar with a flat keyboard and extended four-way rocker. It measures 0.59 inches (HWD) from 4.91 to 2.01 and weighs only 3.17 ounces. The 2.4-inch plastic screen, 320 to 240 LCD screen is easy to hide, but the hard plastic material usually supports * and is good at sinking cracks. The color options are black, blue and golden.

This is a Nokia, with a big Nokia query that some people like and dislike: no hardware restrictions. If you want to change the call size, do it in a single call; If you want to change the size of the ringtone or media, press the # key on the home screen and click left and right. I have heard the argument that it is very easy to accidentally press the volume keys, but I want to know if I can change my size quickly or down.

Nokia’s Privacy Series runs 30 on the Nokia 225 Unisock USM 9117 chipset. It has 128MB of RAM and 64MB of storage – yes, megabytes, not gigabytes. If you want to do a lot with photos or media, then you need to add a microSD card. I have no problem with the 256GB card in my phone.

Currently, the phone only supports D-Mobile networks for 4G calling. This means that you can use T-Mobile, Metro, Mint Mobile, US Mobile or other T-Mobile based carriers. AT&T SIM only, insert phone 3G; Verizon SIMs do not work. Security is low. The US phone version has 2/4/5/12/13/17 bands, but not the band 71, which is used in T-Mobile country. If you want a full-size T-Mobile or a wide range of carrier options, then you should go with the Nokia 6300.

Our test phone is single sim. Nokia’s website says that it is dual sim, but it is a bug.

Call quality is good. Like all new 4G voice phones, it supports 225 HD voice and is unbiased. The maximum size is slightly less than 6300, but it is still available. There are 14 ringtones, including the traditional Nokia tone, and you can use your own MP3.

The 225 does not give you cellular signals in dBm, so it is difficult to tell whether the reception is better or worse than its counterparts. But whatever the difference, it is partially at our New York City test site.

The 225 has a removable 1150 mAh battery that gives talk time of 6 hours and 21 minutes. It is less than 6300 (7 hours, 37 minutes) but enough to keep you away from the sun. 4G voice phones have shorter talk time than their 3G and 2G counterparts because voice calling over LTE (Volte) is a more complex, power-consuming process. . However, you may have time to wait a few days as the phone does not function properly in the background.

There is a small feature that allows you to communicate with Android phones via Bluetooth. You cannot select the Contacts subgroup to sync, so I recommend installing the Android device on 225 of your contacts only. You can create contact groups and choose ringtones for individual contacts or groups.

Sending SMS is good, but texting a group is a complete mess. The text is rotated by the sender, and you can send and receive image messages, but not emoji. You can send group texts, but any group texts received will only be visible from their individual sender, and when you reply, it will only go to that person. They appear irregular and sometimes absent. It is often impossible to participate in a group conversation. This is a common problem with many voice phones. 6300 WhatsApp is used around it.
A little smarter

225 is not a digitally connected phone. It has a web browser called Opera Mini; Slightly simpler game with updated snakes; A music player that plays files from your memory card; Powered by FM radio, speakers and headphones; And voice recorder.

No tethering and no wifi. (Makes it easier to disconnect your Internet access if you want: get a voice phone plan.) Insert the headphones into a standard 3.5mm headphone jack or connect via Bluetooth, which can be done using a switch and data Can.

225 single VGA camera. VGA! It looks like 2006! I have no idea if camera quality is a phrase that makes sense to use here. The camera app offers color filters, 10 second selfie timers and (worst) night mode. The colors in my photo are magnified and magnified. Images can be obtained from the phone by sending it via Bluetooth or saving via microSD card.

For the first phone, super phone or security phone, the Nokia 225 is a simple alternative. It is inexpensive and relatively well built, and works with a wide variety of service plans. The Nokia 6300 T-Mobile has dual SIM and better WhatsApp coverage, so it is a great option if you want something more flexible.

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