Moto G60 Review Don’t Go by Megapixels Alone

Price of smartphone with 108 megapixel camera Rs. 20,000 may seem impossible, but it seems that anything can happen in 2021. There are now three smartphones in the market for 108-megapixel high-end gaming cameras, while the price is less than a dollar. 20,000. The new and lower priced Moto G60 is priced at Rs. 17,999. Has Motorola worked well with this phone or is there an agreement to find out? I tested the Moto G60 to find out.

Car g60 price in india

G60 Price Rs. In India, it is available in 17,999 and in single configuration with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Motorola offers the Moto G60 in two colors: Dynamic Gray and Frost Channel.
Car Design G60

The Moto G60 is part of the recently refurbished GG series and includes sub-R20,000 parts. 6.8 inch large smartphones. Bezel appears all around in this mirror and has a large camera aperture that can distract others. 9.8 mm in size and 225 grams in weight, the large size of this phone makes it difficult to use with one hand. The phone has a plastic body, but it does not look cheap.

Motorola has all the buttons on the right side of the Moto G60. The power and volume buttons are well positioned, but the Google dedicated buttons are difficult to access. Google Assistant has a power button that makes it easy to identify with a button when the key is bent. There is only one SIM plate on the left. If the location allows you can move the Motorola Google Help button to the left.

The 3.5mm headphone jack and secondary microphone are at the top, while the USB port, speaker and microphone keys are at the bottom. As I said earlier, the Moto G60 is available in dynamic gray and frosted champagne, and comes with a blue camera module, which is amazing. The glossy finish of the back panel makes it a finger magnet. The Frosted Champagne model has a matte finish that should withstand excellent fingerprints.

The Moto G60 features Motorola’s triple camera module, which turns out to be slow. The yellow color catches the eyebrows and looks fresh. The motor is connected to a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner that sits next to this camera module. Much of the competition has been to isolate or move internal solutions. The scanner has a matte finish and is engraved with the Motorola Padding logo.

The Moto G60 is weight and bulk due to the compact 6,000 mAh Moto battery. The motor in the box has a 20W charger, which seems slower than the 50W charger that comes with RealMe 8 Pro.
Moto G60 details and software

The Moto G60 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor that enables competitors such as the Redmi Note 10 Pro. The processor is compatible with 6GB LPDTR4X RAM and 128GB MCP storage. The Moto G60 has a single configuration in India and those requiring more storage should use dual hybrid SIM trays. The Moto G60 accepts 1TB cards, but will have to pay for a Nano SIM if using one.

The main display of the Moto G60 has Full HD + resolution, HDR 10 support and 120 Hz high frequency score, the highest in the Moto G series. The update rate is set automatically, which allows the phone to switch between 60Hz and -120Hz automatically. You get Bluetooth 5, NFC, dual-band WiFi, 4G VoLTE and six roaming systems.

Motorola is sending the Moto G60 with my UX system for Android 11 and above. My review unit has an Android security update approved for March. Motorola does not optimize the UI, and those who like the stock Android experience will enjoy it. You haven’t installed malware before, the only apps I can find on this smartphone are Facebook and some Google apps. The device has auto actions that allow you to communicate with the smartphone by performing certain tasks. Motorola also claims that ThinkShield provides business-class protection with ultimate security.
Moto G60 performance and battery life

The car G60 gave me no reason to complain, and my app was easy to handle. I was able to do a lot of work and the phone showed no signs of slowing down. At this price point the LCD panel is not as powerful as the AMOLED panels used in some competitions, but also has a higher upgrade rate. Motorola’s Best Backup Fingerprint Scanner Unlocks Smartphone Quickly.

I ran our standard bench to see how the Moto G60 performed compared to the competition, most importantly, the Reality 8 Pro (review). On AnTuTu 9, the Moto G60 has 2,90,182 points. In Geekbench 5’s single-core and multi-core tests, it touched 540 points and 1441 points respectively. It works from graphic benches such as 17Fps and 75fps GFXBench respectively to car chassis and D-Rex. These schools are better than RealMe 8 Pro powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor. The Moto G60 produces more holes, but I can’t say in terms of battery life.

I read Call of Duty Mobile on the Moto G60, which failed to produce much for both graphics and frame levels and without stumbling or working properly. I played for ten minutes and saw a 3 percent battery drop. The Moto G60 is hot to the touch with the camera module and at the top of the display.

A large 6,000 mAh battery will last more than a day without any problems. However, send the standard number for our HD video loop test. The G60 car lasts for 14 hours and 45 minutes, which is less than the 26 hours managed by RealMe 8 Pro. Charging is also slow. 20W integrated charger increases smartphone by 29 percent in 30 and 53 minutes

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