Mi 11 Ultra Review A Leap of Faith

At this time last year, Xiaomi began testing the water components of the ultra premium smartphone using the Mi 10 5G. It was a solid proposition, but was quickly replaced by the OnePlus 8 Pro. Xiaomi has consistently introduced cheaper models in the same series, most recently the Mi 10i, which is said to do wonders for the company. Xiaomi is consistently succeeding in the budget and standard segment, but this year, it aims to disrupt the quality.

The recently launched Mi 11 series has impressive features that are generally cheaper than the competition. We have offered the biggest price Mi 11X, and it is time to look at the Mi 11 Ultra. On paper, this smartphone is priced at Rs. 69,999, but Siomi is still a handicap to beat. If you have flags like OnePlus 9 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, and Samsung Galaxy S21, which are sold similarly to the Mi 11 Ultra, does that mean going with the new one?

Mi 11 Ultra and variant price

Xiaomi has launched the Mi 11 Ultra in India with single suspension, 12GB LPDTR5 RAM and 256GB UFS 3.1 storage, priced at Rs. 69,999. It is now Xiaomi’s most expensive smartphone in India and it will be great to grind out the price due to the ‘Price’ product you have been making for many years.

The Mi11 Ultra is based on the Mi10 Ultra, a similar flagship that has not been launched in India since last year. Xiaomi gambles even though it does a lot with the Mi 11 Ultra Mi 10 5G, but does it pay?
Design of mi11 ultra

The design of the Mi 11 Ultra is amazing. We will get a bigger camera sometime ****, but if you put it aside, it is like a premium because phones are available for you these days. It has an aluminum frame, curved display and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and a ceramic back. The windshield is actually curved on all four sides, making it a unique design option. Its beauty is that the touch made from the bottom of the screen is smooth because your finger does not touch the sharp edges. In fact, the metal frame, which fits back and forth, makes you feel the edges while holding the phone.

All these premium products contribute to the 234g weight of the Mi 11 Ultra. It is very heavy, but fortunately it is not as large as 8.38 mm. A lot of weight is concentrated upwards, which makes it difficult to use one hand. The rectangular camera module resembles the wave of the Pogo M3 camera because it is the same size. The main reason for this unpleasant swelling is the large camera sensor in the phone, which we will get to later.

One effect of this is that the Mi 11 is ultra stable when mounted on its back on a flat surface. When using this phone with one hand you can use it under the camera module to support your finger. Fingers are a big issue as opposed to ceramic black, but you can also find the Mi11 Ultra White, which should cover them better.

To the right of the camera module is a 1.1-inch OLED display (126×294 pixel resolution). This small touch screen flashes when the face of the Mi 11 Ultra is placed in any position. Optimize displaying battery status, announcements, date and time, custom news or photos. You can use it to answer or reject incoming calls. Most importantly, you can use any of the three rear cameras as a selfie viewer. Usually an unusual joint, especially if it appears to have been added to fill in the lower back. I also don’t like that the menu for this display is hidden in the system application settings and it’s not easy to access.

When it comes to large front displays, the Mi 11 Ultra uses a 6.81-inch QHD + (3200×1440) AMOLED panel with 120Hz range, 480Hz touch rate and popular HDR formats such as HDR10 + and Dolg Vision. Xiaomi claims to use Samsung’s latest E4 AMOLED panel, the Mi 11 Ultra, which can reach a maximum brightness of 1,700 points. You get a fingerprint sensor inside, but it is not as fast or stable as I used to be. The most accurate is the **** certification on the Mi 11 Ultra, which works at lightning speed and even when the phone is not working.

Touch of power and volume buttons in Mi 11 Ultra responds well and is well positioned. At the bottom, there are two SIM trays, a USB port and a speaker. The ear speaker doubles as a secondary stereo speaker. Xiaomi threw infrared emitter on IR controls and gadgets.

My upgrade unit was not found in the retail box, but this phone should have 3.5mm adapter, USB cable, case and quick charger. The Mi 11 Ultra comes with a 67W charger, but due to initial certification issues, Indian units will have a 55W charger in the box.
Mi11 Ultra Description & Software

The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G SoC is used in the Mi 11 Ultra. It should be noted that the Mi 11 supports a total of 13 5G bands, unlike other phones offered with SoC similar to the Ultra OnePlus 9 Pro, which supports only two. This should ensure maximum stability.

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