IOGEAR KeyMander 2 Mobile review Finally play your mobile games with a keyboard and mouse

Mobile games on iPhones and iPads have improved significantly over the past decade, in part due to advances in touch control. However, nothing compares to using a controller or keyboard and mouse to play your games. You will not block the screen with your fingers, and you will have better accuracy when aiming or interacting with your environment.

The controls have been used in iOS games for some time now, but the keyboard and mouse, are much smaller. To address this, IOGEAR recently created KeyMander 2 Mobile, an adapter that expands the limited number of compatible mobile games that can use more than 1000 keyboards and mice.

I’ll tell the truth here. I am impressed and incredibly angry with this product. The fact that someone found a way to connect the keyboard and mouse using the Xbox or PS4 controller is pretty impressive. However, the all-inclusive process is tedious.

The kickstand on KeyMander 2 Mobile is not the hardest thing in the world, but it lifts my iPad and iPhone without making me worry about how they will fall. There is a green rubber device on the bed and on the plastic table that prevents my devices from slipping where it is. However, I do not expect to put a lot of pressure on any devices in the plastic stand as I am sure it can break.

You must connect an Xbox or PS4 wireless controller to it in order for the keyboard and mouse to work.

With KeyMander 2 mobile keyboard for iOS and mouse controls, you’ll need a PS4 DualShock controller or a wireless Xbox Controller connection. To the best of my knowledge, that is because KeyMander 2 Mobile uses pre-configured connections and game coding designed for those controllers like the keyboard and mouse system that works with your games.

There are three USB ports in KeyMander 2 Mobile: One on two sides in the back. A side hole for connecting the controller, while the rear ports are designed for keyboard and mouse. I was happy to find that it works with both wireless and cable options. If you’re using a cable and mouse keyboard, you’ll need to figure out how to handle all those cables, or it could be a phone call there.

To test keyboard performance with the KeyMander 2 Mobile mouse, I decided to play Call of Duty Mobile and Genshin Impact on my iPad while connecting it to my PS4 DualShock controller. This requires me to download and set up the K2 Mobile App first (so as not to confuse it with the K2 App, which has almost the same icon).

As soon as the app was installed, I looked directly at the Game Center library and followed the PS4 profiles of both Call of Duty Mobile and Genshin Impact. It is important to note that if the game you want to play does not allow you to play with the controller, you will not be working with KeyMander 2 Mobile.

I took a few steps to get KeyMander 2 Mobile and its compatible program as the installed instructions were not helpful. There aren’t many online resources that will help me get started either (mostly in the future). However, a few minutes after I finished, I finally found everything stopped and started playing Call of Duty Mobile with keyboard and mouse.

The K2 Mobile App allows me to set the map buttons and adjust the mouse sensitivity using the app. Thankfully, because when I started my session, the mouse was not very responsive and moving at the speed of the slug, which put me at great risk. After making changes to the K2 Mobile App, the mouse went faster and faster. However, I realized that I had to go back and adjust the sensitivity settings between the rounds as it seemed to be reset, which was very annoying. Fortunately, if you press Alt + F5 in the middle of the game and press the keyboard several times, it raises your mouse sensitivity without requiring you to sign in.

The K2 Mobile App lets you adjust mouse sensitivity and map buttons.

I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong, but for some reason, I can’t get Genshin Impact to approve my controller, which means it doesn’t work with a keyboard and mouse with KeyMander 2 Mobile. This may be due to a user error or a game update itself that does not allow us to work with Genshin Impact’s K2 Mobile App profile. Either way, this is a reminder that games will only work with KeyMander 2 Mobile if they can’t support the Xbox or PS4 Xbox controller.

One of the coolest features is KeyMander 2 Mobile Office Mode. Setting up this allows genetic storage to appear on your iPad and iPhone and allows you to use your keyboard and mouse in all iOS menus as a computer. It does this by unlocking other features of iOS accessibility. As for my playing time, the mouse did not respond well at first, but when I adjusted the sensitivity, it worked well. Also, being able to actually type on a real computer keyboard instead of an iPad keyboard feels great.

As I mentioned earlier, setting up KeyMander 2 Mobile to work with keyboard and mouse is wrong. Setting up a compatible app is good and not easy to use. I had to try to set things up several times before I succeeded.

This is also a very expensive tool. Granted, it is one of the few devices that allow you to play mobile games with your keyboard and mouse. So, that way, its high price point is probably understandable.

While there are a few USB ports on the sides of the device, there is no charging port for your iPhone or iPad. To make sure it has a lot of juice while playing, you will need to connect your iOS device to an external charger.

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