Expert Password Best Practices for World Password Day 2021

“This year’s International Day serves as another reminder that passwords play an important role in protecting business information and improving overall security efforts. Many passwords ignore best practices because companies value strong passwords and individuals Reduce them. But they still do. We hold the viewpoint. The world of epidemics, telecommunications businesses target criminals who lead to weak security habits.

  Make your password a secure home: Selecting the correct password manager provides a secure, secure digital repository for storing usernames and passwords.
 Create unique passwords: Be sure to create strong and unique passwords for personal and business accounts to reduce the chance of hackers compromising information.
 Enable multi-factor authentication: Enable MFA if possible to reduce the possibility of hackers accessing sensitive information such as email and bank accounts.
      Update software: Ensure that all home appliances such as computers, mobile devices, or routers are updated with the latest software so that others do not tap into your network. "

“This year’s World Password Day is a reminder for companies to identify gaps created by passwords and to consider alternatives and future without passwords. Weak or compromised evidence for the worst violations in the past. Threats such non -Allows the use of computers. Privileged policy and policy enforcement. Core-factor recognition and strong passwords help cybersecurity businesses reach employees regarding health.

However, the notion that multiple passwords are integral to a company’s security strategy is dangerous. Instead of relying only on passwords, accounts should implement multi-factor authentication to avoid compromising on passwords.

Companies should also explore biometric behavioral techniques for identification and authentication. By using machine learning to identify the basics of a user’s behavior, a computer can flag that users are acting immediately out of their regular behavior, a phenomenon that must be diagnosed and remedied. The combination of messaging, access and authentication capabilities, auditing and biometric behavior creates strong cyber security for businesses and will be an important step for the industry towards a password-free future.

“Password must go. We should not celebrate International Day. Today we should celebrate a day that no one remembers. That day will come. But in the meantime, there is a lot to help us. Passwords are remembered.” , Miss. Must be long and strong, your password is like biometric. Secondary factors will be strong. In addition, you can establish your identity using smart devices such as your smartphone, encrypted and biometric sensors, and password past. Is a matter of. A challenge.. To know. “
Hope is determined

“Good password security is not about security passwords, it is about the field of cyber security, gives a false sense of trust that forces everyone to pursue false beliefs. Strength is useless no matter what. Falls.

“Know what you’re doing” is the primary way to verify the identity of online companies and provide full access to a wide range of resources without verification. It was like giving a key to my house to a poor man on the street, claiming that she was my mother and mentioning my dog’s name when I was younger and proving it. It would have been worse if my mother were standing next to me, but I don’t remember that dog’s name, so I would have trusted strangers, but she didn’t. The complexity of the password is equivalent to what I would expect from a stranger to provide me with a complete list of random facts as evidence. It does not matter how much he knows. Not my mother yet.

Sounds strange doesn’t it? The Department of Cyber ​​Security has developed an authentication system that can only be considered inhumane and has a single value that affects everyone. People are victims, not criminals.

User access must be flexible based on need and risk. An appropriate level of access to relevant resources should be provided to an individual in a timely manner. Most importantly, the access should be fluid and frictionless

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