Asus ROG Phone 5 review New gaming phone, new benchmark

Asus is no stranger to the PC gaming segment worldwide and in India. Over the years, it has also recognized mobile gaming, thanks to the ROG phone lineup. This year, as expected, we receive a torture for this series – the ROG Phone 5 and if you know about the lineup then you know that we’re talking about an unmodified smartphone that first line specifications. And ranks in features. No other premium is paramount, and all of this happens when a design that attracts players is played. With ROG Phone 5, Asus managed it, and little else. Therefore, we got our hands on a gaming smartphone priced at 49,999. But can we call it heavy? Or something that justifies the needs of the players, giving them a price tag that feels right for them? Read …

The word ‘OK’ is appropriate to the design and appearance of the ROG Phone 5 gaming smartphone. Like the first ROG handset, Asus changes its look every year when it manages to keep the ROG intact. This time also the situation is the same. If you saw ROG Phone 3 last year, then you know that ROG Phone 5 belongs to the same family and is more elegant. The edges are curved and the entire back is just a smooth glass slab (except for touching the camera). There are still accents with the ROG logo and some art designs.

Although it may sound more premium and less aggressive, it should not be a big fan of mobile gamers. They want to stick to a more player-centric geometric cut design rather than a premium and elegant feel. However, the red accents on the power button, back and SIM card tray give it a significant appeal.

However, what is new is that the animatrix LEDs are on the back. You can change the LED color and logo animation pattern, which is the ‘cool’ factor here. Not only is it attractive, it also syncs the ROG Phone 5 with the latest ROG gaming laptop with animatrix animations. High-end models also have OLED screens, which display useful information and warnings in use. We see this as a nice feature that you need when the phone is constantly facing, and you don’t want the whole screen to come on to light a notification check.

A single edge-cut camera pump with three sensors, a 3.5mm headphone jack with a USB-C port at the bottom and another USB-C at the side and pogo pin connectors for accessories are available.

However, it is definitely a guy big man ‘handset that is 173.00 x 77.00 x 9.90 mm in size and weighs 23.5 grams. Unfortunately, it seems consistent during normal use and nothing gets out of your hand. Since the ROG Phone 5 is a gaming phone, the balance of weight distribution is not correct when playing games in natural mode.

As gaming is at the heart of the Asus ROG series, you can expect a device that has no compromise, especially when it comes to the screen. Gamers need a larger area to play, which comes with a 6.7-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, which provides excellent, porous and saturated colors, and makes it even more beautiful. sport. At 6.7 inches, it is certainly taller (20.5: 5 aspect ratio), resulting in a smaller area of ​​the screen that can usually be accessed with one hand while browsing or using the keyboard. However, it also acts like an attraction to play and watch videos.

Premium and QHD + resolution and 144 Hz upgrade rate are excellent specifications. The gamers want here are 1ms response rate and 300Hz touch sample rate. Shake them at a 144 Hz refresh rate and the supported games will run amazingly smoothly. While this is not the same as the touch sample rate found with a black touch phone, it certainly works and is enjoyable in most cases / games. HDR10 + is a cherry above support.

However, if you want to change the color temperature or screen resolution level, the Asus Awesome option is always under the system to change the tone or choose a natural, cinematic, standard, or customized preset. You can also switch from auto to upgrade charge of 144 Hz, 120 Hz and 60 Hz. In the second flagship, you will often not find many options.


ROG phones can expect better performance than 5 because it is a smartphone for gamers and they can fix nothing but power. So, as expected, the device is powered by Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 888 processor, which is capable of delivering better performance than its predecessors. As Qualcomm’s leader in the 5nm manufacturing process, the Snapdragon 888 acted like a charm in our testing, including multi-tasking, video streaming, and full-time gaming.

The processor works in tandem with the Adreno 660 GPU, which can provide graphics similar to Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, Asphalt and more. In particular, as a result of Genshin, we noticed a slight delay in loading the details for the scenario. However, this is very rare. You also get LPDTR5 RAM and USF 3.1 built-in storage, resulting in faster loading of stored game data and application launches. We observed a clear difference in the loading time of the effect of Zenshi.

However, thermal signatures may increase slightly when playing for a long time. It is not much, but after a while, you will feel the heat especially in this summer of Delhi. But, the ROG Phone 5 does an excellent job of handling heat. Due to its great cooling system, you will not find it in any other Snapdragon 888 smartphone. Asus claims to have more heating elements in the center of the handset, which is considered a smart move when placed in a natural mode. It also has a steam room with graphite sheets.

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